In this Living Team National success story video, Team National Double Platinums Bob and Mary Dubois share their journey to success. Bob was a multiple business owner in Golden, Colorado, working about 80 hours a week or more. As Bob recalls, “I was owned by my businesses. Mary has been a stay-at-home mom for 22 years. I’d seen success for my family. We were making good money, but I didn’t enjoy what I was doing because it wasn’t fun anymore. My businesses owned me.  Mary always wanted me to do more with the family. I just didn’t have the time and I was stuck in a place I didn’t know how to get out of.”

One day, a good friend of Bob’s called him up and said he found a way for them to make a bunch of money. After Bob told his friend he really didn’t have the time to do anything, his friend insisted on showing him the Team National opportunity, telling him there was a lot of money at stake.  So reluctantly, Bob invited him over to his office.

As Bob says, “When I learned about the Team National Premium Membership, I saw that the everyday savings covered my parents, in-laws and my immediate children forever, I saw a great opportunity here.”

After working their Team National business for one year, they decided to put their tree trimming business on the Team National Business Exchange. As Bob says, “we started getting phone calls from other Team National members that wanted us to do tree work for them.  In a two to two and a half year period, being on the Team National Business Exchange drove in $150,000 in extra revenue for my tree trimming business.  What I found out was that Team National members want to do business with Team National small business owners. In fact for us personally, we don’t use the yellow pages anymore, we strictly go to the Team National Business Exchange to do business.”

“We are no longer multiple business owners since  we have seen success with Team National. This has been a bit of a lifestyle change for Mary because she used to want me home all of the time and now she asks me if I have something to go out and do during the daytime, cause we have so much time together now that she wants me out of her hair so she can go do stuff, ” exclaims Bob.

Watch the video in its entirety and see how truly inspiring their story is!

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