In this Living Team National Success Story segment, Team National 2011 Eagle Winners & Double Platinums Bobby and Courtney Matheny share their personal story.

Courtney begins by saying, “I never dreamed of wanting to share this business with anybody else.  I strictly joined for the savings.  Then, I decided after being a Team National member for a couple of months that I needed to make some more income by sharing Team National with friends and family.  I wanted to do it the correct way, so I called Bobby so he could help me make a few phone calls and share his story since he was my upline.”

Bobby says, “She called me and I just made arrangements for us to get together over lunch and map out a game plan for her success. I found out we had a lot in common. We really just hit it off and fell in love. We got married and now we’re real partners. She has been a tremendous asset to our business and our family. Team National has been great for us.”

Courtney goes on to say, “Once we got married, I relocated to Shreveport and was able to retire from teaching after 10 years and now I’m proud to day I’m a stay-at-home mom. Now, we enjoy traveling all across the country sharing Team National with everybody we meet and then taking vacations whenever we want to.”

As Bobby adds, “Most people are tied down to a job, but not us. We can work from home, actually we can go anywhere the cell phones work. It’s an incredible lifestyle. It’s totally different than simply owning a business. Not only do you have time and money, but you meet incredible people all around the country that remain lifelong friends. You can’t put a price tag on friendship.”

This powerhouse couple has a lot of great leadership and motivation to share! Don’t miss your chance to hear the story of how this couple got to the place they are today with Team National! To learn more about Team National check out

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