Details In this Living Team National Success Story video, Team National 2009 Eagle Winners & Double Platinums Brad and Kristin Barton share their awesome story. This video offers a window into their lives and the freedom they have gained as a result of working their Team National business. Five years ago, this dynamic couple kept busy, as they both were teaching and coaching, spending the majority of their time with other people’s children. As Kristin says, “They were living a busy lifestyle with not a lot of money to do the things we wanted to do.” As Brad chimes in, “What’s the saying?, too much month at the end of the money.”

Kristin dreamed of coming home, but they couldn’t do that on one salary. During basketball season, Brad didn’t see Kristin or the kids at all. As Brad goes on to say, “Man, I just couldn’t see myself doing it another 20 years.” Kristin points out that when they took a look at Team National, they saw a “win/win situation, a way we could save money and make money.”

The game plan was for Brad to agree to hear about Team National and afterwards just politely say no. When they took a closer look,  they saw that even if they didn’t make a check, it was going to be beneficial to them and to others just because of the savings. The savings cover a wide range of things including everyday items you buy anyway and you get commissions back on these with Team National as well. Brad still set his sights on the income potential though.  After working their Team National business for 10 months, Kristin was able to leave her job and become a stay-at-home mom and two weeks later, Brad left his traditional job as well.

Brad & Kristin’s choices prior to Team National were to choose to have a lot of time and no money, a lot of money and no time or no money and no time. Today, with Team National they are able to have the bets of both worlds, phenomenal income and the time freedom to do whatever they want, when they want.

To hear more from this couple watch the video in its entirety. Get started today and check out the possibilities of what the direct selling industry and Team National can do for you.

This information is not intended to represent typical, actual or average savings or earnings. Actual earnings results by an Independent Marketing Director (IMD) will depend on the time and effort devoted to building the business. We do not guarantee success or earnings. Click here for the Income Earnings Disclosure for details.

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