In this Living Team National success story segment, Team National Double Platinums Danny and Kim Johannes share their powerful story and why it is so great to be a part of Team National! Prior to Team National, Danny worked for the US government as an aircraft mechanic, owned a lawn care business and he was in the Georgia International Guard. Kim worked full time as a dental assistant.

“We were real, real busy just working, sleeping and eating. We were actually praying for an opportunity. We were definitely looking for some time to spend as quality family time,” says Danny.

As Kim says, “We never spent any time together. We never had any vacations. It just seemed like we were struggling just to get by.”

When a friend of Danny’s approached them about a new opportunity, they were prepared ahead of time to thank him for thinking of them and then after watching the presentation, simply tell him that they were not interested. But Danny was so excited that he couldn’t sleep after learning about the Team National opportunity.

Kim says, “we were maxed out on several credit cards. After some of our other experiences, I just didn’t want to get my hopes up.” Danny explained to Kim that they would save more than what the membership costs. It just made sense to pay less instead of more. As Kim says, “if it makes sense, it’ll make money.”

Their first year in Team National, they actually tripled Kim’s income and brought her home from her traditional job.  Their second year in Team National, they tripled Danny’s income and brought him home too.

Team National is a great company with a very simple and proven system to follow that’s duplicatable.

This information is not intended to represent typical, actual or average savings or earnings. Actual earnings results by an Independent Marketing Director (IMD) will depend on the time and effort devoted to building the business. We do not guarantee success or earnings. Click here for the Income Earnings Disclosure for details.

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