Details In this Living Team National Success Story segment, Team National Double Platinum Keith Smith shares his personal journey with warmth and humility. Keith was previously a manager for three Exxon Mobil distributorships. About six years ago, this Louisiana native took a look at Team National and as he puts it, “What jumped out at me was that there was absolutely no risk. In fact, we have saved many, many, many times more than the cost of the membership. The savings are at places we were shopping at anyway.”

Then Keith switches gears to talk a bit about Team National’s optional income opportunity. “There’s no doubt about it, the life-changing part has been the income side of it.” He goes on to say, “I’d love to tell you that what I’ve done is heroic, but it’s just not. What I’ve done is exactly what we’ve all done all of our lives for free anyway. When we get a good deal, we tell a friend about it. That’s exactly what I did.  I invited a handful of my friends over, got them on board and helped them share Team National with their friends and so on. I had a ton of fun doing this and have met some of the finest people on the planet.”

In the first eight months working his Team National business, Keith’s income shot way past his full time salary with Exxon Mobil. “I came home from my job and have been happily unemployed for a little over five years. I enjoy helping people do the same. The biggest blessing of all is helping other people to change their lives in a positive manner, ” says Keith.

Now he has the time freedom along with the financial freedom to enjoy life with his family which is something he has been a stranger to until Team National came into his life.

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