Keith and Tiffany Smith Success Story All of us love to hear stories of how the poor people get rich. We are always encouraged by the stories of people poorer than us getting richer than us. However, in many of those rags to riches stories, some of the not-so-inspiring details are left out. Details that deal with people exchanging their time, for their luxuries or wealth. That is NOT the case in Keith’s story.

It is a fact that it’s not where you are born or whom you are born to that determines what your life will be. Keith was raised in a small rural town of Waterproof, Louisiana (population 300). His hard-working and loving parents taught him early on to never be afraid of work and to always help others.

You may be like him, a person who never dreamed of extreme wealth, but his story demonstrates just how far determination, confidence, and perseverance can get you in life, even if you are starting from the very bottom. Six years ago, Keith was introduced to Team National…an opportunity that changed the course of his family’s life forever, not to mention his dreams!

When he began his journey with Team National, he was working 70-80 hours a week managing multiple bulk fuel facilities to cover the daily costs of “existing” with his family of four children. While his traditional job produced an income to pay most of the bills, his leaving before sunrise and coming home after dark work schedule did not allow time for “living”. He had no time and no money. He was broke!

Team National’s corporate business structure designed to save people money made it easy for Keith to share this opportunity with others. Passing good deals on to friends and family and helping others came natural to him. Within a few months of sharing Team National, he replaced his traditional income and was able to walk away from the daily grind and focus on building his own fortune. Today, he has more time and income than he ever imagined possible.

Over the past six years, he has experienced some life-changing events… the financial freedom is just one of the benefits. He never knew that designing and building his own future could be so much fun. It is through Team National, he learned about dreaming big. He feels blessed to have met some of the finest people and have had the blessing to help so many others work toward achieving their own dreams.

Being a part of an amazing team and a strong company that always over-delivers and is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others reinforces Keith’s goals and dreams every day. He was amazed to learn the power of being surrounded by positive people all pulling in the same direction…the energy is mind-boggling.

Today, hanging in his home office is a sign that states, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! LIVE the life you’ve imagined.” When he decided to change his life and began to embark on a new path for his family, he realized that paths can be changed…and futures redesigned. Team National was the catalyst that made it happen for Keith and his family! He is forever humbled and grateful.

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