In this Living Team National Success Story video segment, Team National 2006 Eagle Winners and Double Platinums Dennis and Debbie Martin take a few minutes to share from their heads and their hearts.

As Dennis begins, “When we were introduced to Team National, we had two real estate office sand three sub divisions. We were busy working 70-90 hours a week, building homes and brokering along with some other outside investments. Our home was under renovation at the time and we really didn’t think we had time for anything else.”

Debbie goes on to say, “Well, the dream was that we wanted to spend time together. We thought that running the business was going to be that way. But, it actually just pulled us further apart. As it turned out, we weren’t together that much.”

Dennis says,” We stumbled on Team National. We were in the right place at the right time. We saw value in what the company had. Had no problem telling our family and friends about the Team National opportunity of saving money. Then we saw the opportunity to earn income on just a simple referral basis which was quite unique. The optional earning aspect is what really appealed to us. Factors such as simple referrals, no employees, no inventory, no accounts receivable, no accounts payable and no financial risk made us see Team National as a win/win no-risk opportunity. We got profitable and earned our money back from the saving membership in less than 30 days. Then, we decided to make a one year commitment that we were going to work Team National and fit it in around our schedules as best we could. To our surprise, it’s been the best business decision we’ve made in 37 years being in business for ourselves.”

Debbie says, “Oh the time freedom and the lifestyle are awesome. We have the time now to spend with our two boys and our three grandchildren and we’re enjoying life. I didn’t realize that when we first got started with Team National how much stress we were both under. Due to us building this business, I feel like I have my best friend back.”

After two and a half years of working Team National, they more than replaced their income of 25 years of being multiple business owners. Also rewarding is being debt-free which has relieved a lot of pressure and stress that they had.  Both financial and time freedom and being together as a family, that’s what’s important to this dynamic couple.

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