In this Living Team National success story segment, Team National 2005 Eagle Winners & Double Platinums Don and Dixie Garrison share their life-changing journey. Don’s background is in real estate and in property development. Dixie worked for the state of Missouri as a court clerk. This busy couple didn’t have a lot of quality time to spend together, with the kids or even with the grandkids.

As Don says, “I’ve see a lot of things come along you know, but Team National was different than anything I had ever seen. The big difference was that I didn’t have to buy a lot of products like I did in the other company that I was involved in at one time. Team National meant true savings. The company didn’t have to make a profit on the products or services. This money was passed down to its members and that just made sense to me. I thought, if I treated it like a big business and worked it like I did my real estate business,  you know it would pay like a million dollar business. I treated it that way right from the very beginning. What I also like about it was that there was no paperwork to fill out, Team National handled everything. There were no products to handle and I could use my cell phone. In fact,  feel like 90% of this business is done on the phone. Using the phone, I could go and do whatever I wanted and still make money.”

Dixie says, “I didn’t know anything about it, but I made up my mind that I wasn’t interested in doing it.  I basically told him that if he wanted to do this business then he could go right ahead.  Then, I decided I like to save money on everyday items and once I looked, the savings part got me excited.  You can build this business as a family.”

Team National’s product is saving people money. In today’s economy, people need to save money now more than ever and of course, make some more money as well. Team National has the best of both worlds.

This information is not intended to represent typical, actual or average savings or earnings. Actual earnings results by an Independent Marketing Director (IMD) will depend on the time and effort devoted to building the business. We do not guarantee success or earnings. Click here for the Income Earnings Disclosure for details.

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