Details In this Living Team National Success Story video, Team National Double Platinums James and Jennifer Keller share from their hearts and how they are now living the lifestyle they once only dreamt of.  James was a sales manager with an equipment company that had him traveling 150 days of the year. Jennifer worked a full time job, averaging about 40-45 hours a week and taking care of their small children. Needless to say, things were very stressful on a daily basis in the Keller household.

Then, a friend of James called and asked him to take a look at the Team National opportunity.  As James says, “I was not open to any direct sales opportunity at the time. I never looked at one. I had no intention of ever looking at one.” But since a friend asked, he decided to take a look. James got intrigued by the fact that it’s pretty simple. As he says, “there’s only two ways to eliminate debt and create wealth and that’s to spend less or make more.” That’s what got them excited about Team National, they saw a win/win opportunity to make some changes.

As Jennifer says, “When we looked at Team National, we both excited about the money, especially James. I saw a value with the savings and I knew that there were going to be things that we were already spending money on that we could save on which just made sense. Even if we never made a penny with Team National, we would definitely save money.”

The membership fee was a concern for this young couple with lots of bills to pay.  But once we saw the value of what Team National was offering, it wasn’t a matter of if they were going to do this business it was just how were they going to come up with the money to do it. James recalls, “I went to the bank and borrowed the money to get started. In less than a month, we were able to pay off the cost of our membership. We started working our Team National business with a very practical sense of paying off bills and debt. It’s gotten to a point now where we can even enjoy a few impractical things as well. Knowing what I know today about direct selling is that it’s an entrepreneurship at its finest. So my opinion of direct sales, well we’re sold. We love it.”

Watch this video to learn more about this inspiring couple and gain a window into the life of what it means to be a Team National Double Platinum. Get started today and check out the possibilities of what the direct selling industry and Team National can do for you.

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