Details In this Living Team National Success Story, Team National Double Platinum Fred Swindle shares his life-changing experience.  Fred was in another network marketing company for 27 years.  He wasn’t looking for a change, since he was already at the top of that company and living his dream. But, after being approached a few times to look at the Team National opportunity, he finally agreed to do so. Fred was so impressed, that he left the direct sales company he had been in for so long and joined Team National. As Fred says, “I wasn’t looking for it, but I found a better opportunity in Team National.  It’s the best opportunity in America.”

Being in Team National for 12 years, Fred has saved in excess of $25,000. Using the Team National savings membership, you save money on everyday products that you would buy anyway and as Fred says, “It’s also the most awesome income opportunity I’ve seen in 27 years. This is great for me and my children, once I’m gone my children can take over.” One of the best things about working Team National, is that a typical person with a full time job can work this business part time, for as little as six hours a week and earn extra money. By treating this like a business, even on just a part time basis, you can earn a huge income if your dream is big enough.

See what great things Team National has to offer you today!

This information is not intended to represent typical, actual or average savings or earnings. Actual earnings results by an Independent Marketing Director (IMD) will depend on the time and effort devoted to building the business. We do not guarantee success or earnings. Click here for the Income Earnings Disclosure for details.

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