In this Living Team National Success Story, Team National 2008 Eagle Winners and Double Platinums Randy and Debbie Weekley discuss how Team National has changed their lives.  Randy’s background is in the sod and landscape business and as he puts it, “I enjoyed the success of that and the struggles of it.  That’s when we got introduced to Team National. We weren’t really looking, but rather we were simply in a position where a friend invited us to take a look at Team National and that’s what brought this to our attention. I couldn’t find a downside to it. I just simply saw the value and the merits of being a Team National member, simply for the savings side of the program. Of course, the comp plan did interest me as I began to get the belief, value and validity of what was here.  What Team National was offering, was a membership that was going to put money back in my pocket and it was going to cost me not to be a member. I understood that if you had group buying power, you get better deals, so the Team National concept appealed to me right away.”

Debbie says, “I gave him my blessing. I said if you want to do it, you go ahead and do it, but I don’t want anything to do with it. He went ahead and did it anyway. You know, he started making money right away, that was huge! I just felt like wow! My attitude started changing about Team National. I saw he made money and I didn’t mind spending those checks.”

Randy quips, “It really became OUR business as the checks started coming in. About a year and a half into Team National, we achieved a lot of success. We went Platinum in 11 months. Once we got to that level, we started asking ourselves, what’s next?  We decided this was a lot more fun than the sod and landscape business, so we put our business up for sale. That was eight years ago and we never really looked back. In fact, we have to pinch ourselves to think that this is really working as well as it has for us.”

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