In this Living Team National Success Story video segment, Team National 2010 Eagle Winners and Double Platinums Ron and Sheila Steffes explain what led to the incredible lives they live today.  As Ron begins, “I was selling 75 homes a year in the real estate business, had two kids going to college, we were taking care of two handicapped parents and Sheila had a steady job in the travel industry. We were busy when we saw the Team National opportunity.” As Sheila says, “we kind of just met each other at the front door coming and going. Ron was working more nights and weekends and I was working during the day. We had no retirement plan. One month we had it all and the next month we had nothing, that’s the way our lives were.”

“We finally realized that we were like so many others, simply trading hours for dollars. Putting in all that time for a good income was getting old. We realized that there had to be another way of creating a lifestyle. We saw a need to change our lifestyle and get some security back. We just didn’t realize the Team National opportunity was going to be that great,” according to Ron.

At first, they simply saw where they could save some money. Then they took a look at Team National’s compensation plan which they thought was too good to be true.

Ron says, “I kept looking for a catch and when there was none, I came home and told Sheila this is unbelievable. Actually to tell you the truth, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in almost 11 years cause I’ve been excited about Team National.”

Sheila says, “After being involved in Team National for just 18 months, I was able to retire from my full time job and  haven’t had to work another day since. We just work together now in Team National.”

Nowadays, this couple has more fun and time freedom, plus they get to do things together and travel. Team National has given this couple choices and freedom that they’ve never had before.

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