In this Living Team National Positively Platinum segment, Team National President & CEO Angela Loehr Chrysler sits down with Team National Platinums Jim and Stacey Wylie to discuss what Team National has done for them. Jim begins by saying,”I took a look at Team National through a good friend of mine. he simply said he found a way we could make a ton of money together and what appealed to me too was the Business Exchange aspect. Sat down, took a look at Team National and enjoyed what I saw. I jumped on board and it’s been life-changing since that point. Being a small business owner, I simply saw that by tapping into a large group, I could bring new business into my business. But, I had no idea that it was going to end up doing what it did for my business. In 18 months, I literally got more than $90K worth of new business, just due to the business exchange. You could say that I’m one satisfied customer.”

Team National is all about people. In fact, Jim actually met Stacey through Team National.  As Angela says, “That’s not on our IMD agreement, but a very nice perk.” As Stacey interjects, “it was a blessing in disguise.”

Stacey was a single mom taking care of five kids. Stacey goes on to say, “When I took a look at Team National, I really had no idea that I would ever become a business owner. I immediately saw the savings and it just made sense that. I was going to save more than  it cost me to get involved.  But with five kids, I was so busy. Once I became a single mom, all of a sudden the income opportunity made more sense. I started very part time. I was driving the children on average about six hours per day. I did however, still find time to work my Team National business in the nooks and crannies. That’s how this business was built for me. I was amazed to be able to make a full time income.”

This power couple was able to team up and really reach out to more business owners and people in their community branching out beyond just the soccer moms. They recognized the income potential, grew that and worked well together. After they got married, they ended up selling the landscape business.”

Watch this video in its entirety to learn more about this terrific couple’s Team National journey.

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