Platinum Retreat is the Place to be – Team National video

These Team National IMDs can no longer contain their enthusiasm and excitement for their new lifestyle. Team National is the vehicle for their new found freedom, both time and financial.  No longer do these folks have to punch a time clock, keep inventory or even worry about payroll.  Through Team National, they can take more vacations, enjoy a residual income and even create new memories while team-building at a powerful, yet serene weekend away at the Team National Platinum Retreat situated on beautiful Greers Ferry Lake in Arkansas.

To learn about the Team National opportunity, go to

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Living Team National, Member Videos

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  • I love the living team national site

  • Ben Sullivan 8 years ago

    You Guys are great.. Awesome Awesome.,,,
    I really love seeing the exciting and joy in Team National IMDS its not about just the company and the hard work, its about building new relationships and meeting wonderful people all all walks of life with
    no-one looking down on you, They always lift you up..
    That was the biggest factor for my decision in joining TEAM NATIONAL…. Building Time and Freedom
    and sharing the love this company has to offer to others

    I’m a pretty tough guy but I get all teary eyed over this company and what is can do and what it stands for..
    GREEN ARCES>>> 22,000 sq house with 1,000.00 bills as the carpet..LOL