Dennis and Debbie Martin Lessons & Lifestyle of an Eagle Team National 2006 Eagle Winners & Double Platinums Dennis and Debbie Martin speak candidly with Team National President & CEO Angela Loehr Chrysler on how Team National has been so instrumental in their lives.

“Same business…It’s called Team National, just a different office environment.” ~ Dennis

Being multiple small business owners, Dennis and Debbie were very busy people when they stumbled upon the network marketing industry, specifically Team National. They were already juggling a lot of things. However, it was clear to them from the very beginning what a tremendous opportunity they had their hands on and didn’t want to miss out on this chance to earn extra money.

When first introduced to Team National, they were immediately impressed simply by the savings side of things, and then recognizing there was real value in it from the optional earning side as well. They started sharing Team National with everyone they knew. They realized that running their Team National business had no requirements, i.e. no inventory, no employees, no payroll, no accounts payable/receivable and most importantly, no financial risk, all while working out of their home and simply generating a cash flow. Think about that…running your own home based business with nothing to lose.

An important leadership lesson Dennis and Debbie embraced while growing their Team National business is to always be open for opportunities. That message also applies to your prospects. The best folks to approach are those that are already busy, but not afraid to work. Even people who are already successful in their traditional businesses are still yearning for more. The time freedom that Team National has afforded Dennis and Debbie is priceless and could not be achieved working their other businesses. Their multiple businesses were pulling this couple apart, but as they say, Team National brought them back together.

The time and financial freedom, the choices and the lifelong relationships made through Team National have enriched their lives and enabled them to not only open up their dreamers, but also live an amazing lifestyle. When Dennis was experiencing major health issues, being diagnosed with cancer, and then having to go through aggressive chemo treatments, they still never missed a check. The checks kept coming in from Team National. There’s no way that could’ve have happened with their other businesses. Residual income is something that they are especially grateful for.  As Dennis says, “Debbie was able to be by my side without worrying about the money, since the checks from Team National were still in the mailbox. The emotional support from our Team National family has been unlike anything else we’ve known.  We are so very grateful.”

As the Martin’s say, “We can look in the mirror and ask the boss what we want to do today, whether it’s spending time with family, relax, shop or simply nothing at all.”


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