Russell and Angela Terry – Positively Platinum – Team National video Team National President & CEO Angela Loehr Chrysler talks with Platinums Russell & Angela Terry for this Living Team National, Positively Platinum segment. Russell’s a multiple business owner, having owned businesses that include in-ground pools, running an art gallery and a taxidermy business. Angela has made her career in corporate America, working for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, while raising three children. After realizing their businesses were taking up the majority of their time and owning them, they took a look at Team National 5 years ago. They were immediately drawn in to this unique direct selling concept and began sharing the Team National savings membership and income opportunity with everyone they knew, on a part-time basis. After only 10 months, they both fully retired from their traditional occupations and have been sharing Team National full time ever since. As a result, they are now living the dream!

As Russell and Angela said, “If your dream is big enough and you keep your eye on the prize, you will find the time to show what Team National is all about.” Even though both Russell and Angela had no spare time on their hands, they still somehow made time in their already busy schedules to squeeze in an hour here and an hour there to embrace this concept. They go on to say,”You make the time, even if it means short-term sacrifices. It is well worth experiencing temporary inconvenience for a lifetime of convenience.”

The Terry’s also credit the Game Plan Training Book as a great tool that helped them to stay on track, use the system and kept them focused. They also stressed the importance of attending as many local events as possible in order to immerse yourself in Team National. They attended every local event possible, so they could learn more and be around like-minded people embracing the Team National concept.

Team National has allowed this exciting couple to dream again.

Actual earnings results will depend on each individual’s time and effort devoted to building their IMD business. We do not guarantee success or earnings. Visit and click on Business Opportunity for the Income Earnings Disclosure.

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Living Team National


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  • Precious couple! One of the many reasons I LoVe Team National!