Don and Dixie Garrison Lessons & Lifestyle of an Eagle  In this Living Team National Lessons & Lifestyle of an Eagle segment, Team National 2005 Eagle Winners & Double Platinums Don & Dixie Garrison speak candidly with Team National President & CEO Angela Loehr Chrysler on how Team National has been so instrumental in their lives.

“You can’t catch a fish with a bare hook. Put a prime rib on that hook!” ~ Don Garrison

Don got into the excavating business right out of high school. Realizing he wasn’t getting anywhere, he decided to go into business for himself. His excavating business soon evolved into a real estate business. Dixie worked for the state of Missouri, in the prosecuting attorney’s office for 19 years. As Dixie recalls, “the girls I worked with knew exactly how long until they could retire, how many weeks and days were left. I knew I could retire any time I wanted to. My coworkers knew about Team National, but their dreams weren’t big enough. They narrowed themselves down and couldn’t ever look past that.”

Back in 1997, Don was asked by a friend to take a look at Team National. He drove 300 miles round trip to check it out. Don was impressed right from the start with Team National’s compensation plan and the savings membership that just made sense. Between the terrific value and the potential to make an unbelievable income potential is what interested him. “Team National is the best thing that has ever happened to us. I got all of our kids involved, our grandkids and even my 87-year-old mom,” says Don.

The Garrison’s bought 250 acres with the original intent of breaking it apart and selling it, but due to Team National, they decided to keep it for themselves and built a new home on this sprawling property, complete with a mile long driveway.

Watch this video in full to learn more about how this dynamic couple’s perseverance and passion for Team National has led to a major lifestyle change and dreams realized.


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