Don & Laura Glover Lessons and Lifestyle of an Eagle | Team National video  In this Living Team National Lessons & Lifestyle of an Eagle segment, Team National 2012 Eagle Winners & Double Platinums Don & Laura Glover sit down with Team National President & CEO Angela Loehr Chrysler and share from their hearts.  This dynamic couple is more fired up today than ever before.

“If you need this to pay you like a business, you need to work this like a business.” ~ Laura.

“If you see a turtle on the fence post, it didn’t get there by itself.” ~ Don.

Being multiple business owners, the Glover’s certainly weren’t looking for more to do.  When they were introduced to Team National, they very skeptical. As multiple small business owners though, they knew they could utilize the savings membership many times over, but that isn’t what did it for them. What appealed to them the most about Team National, was the industry-leading compensation plan.  They listened to several people and got excited about the awesome income opportunity that was theirs for the taking, not to mention the time freedom that could change their lives.

As Don says, “sometimes the American dream can become the American nightmare.” The Glover’s were in survival mode with their businesses running them. Always having fires to put out, with no possibility to take any vacations and certainly no way to retire, this couple simply had enough. Using the simple system and sharing Team National with those people they cared about the most, has paid them great dividends over time. By not overcomplicating things, following the simple, duplicatable system and staying the course, they have achieved success that they’ve never known before.

Even when a family medical issue arose, Laura was able to devote her time to family matters and the checks still came in on a regular basis. A nugget from Don that is true in fishing and true in life: “If you don’t do things right, you will lose the big fish. It’s easy to take short cuts or to quit when things don’t go well and those fish aren’t biting.  Keep on going, don’t quit. Have persistence with a purpose, which is to say have patience.”

Don & Laura are now living in their dream home in a laid back, country setting with plenty of acreage and tranquility. Quite different from the life they knew before Team National. Watch this video in full to learn more about how this exciting couple’s perseverance and passion for Team National has led to a major lifestyle change and dreams realized.


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Lessons & Lifestyle of an Eagle

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