Dallas Momentum Builders Weekend 2013

In this Living Team National segment, Team National 2007 Eagle Winners & Double Platinums Larry & Debbie McDonald take us behind the scenes of their 4th Annual Dallas Momentum Builders Weekend event. This sold out event was filled with fun, energy and great training with this record-breaking crowd in attendance of 900 plus people, eager to hear all about Team National. On location at this event was special guest Team National President & CEO Angela Loehr Chrysler.

Great nuggets were shared by top Team National leaders like 2006 Eagle Winner & Double Platinum Dennis Martin, 2011 Eagle Winner & Double Platinum Bobby Matheny and 2012 Eagle Winners & Double Platinums Don & Laura Glover. Team National Silver Presidential Directors Justin & Tana Weeks shared their excitement about driving depth and absorbing the great training being offered here.

Local and regional events keep you plugged in to what you need to be successful in Team National on a smaller scale than the national events.  As Debbie McDonald says,”every local event builds to the next national event, which keeps you in the loop. This way, nobody gets two degrees off and the momentum keeps building.”

During Friday Night Live, Team National President & CEO Angela Loehr Chrysler participated in one of the awesome skits as Cher. The variety of fun skits demonstrated that with hard work, passion and a burning desire, you can make Team National work for you and live the life you’ve only dreamt of.

Watch the video in full to learn more, and check out to learn about the Team National opportunity.

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