Go behind the scenes in this Living Team National video segment featuring Team National’s 2011 Eagle Winners Bobby & Courtney Matheny as they speak candidly about their journey. See how this dynamic couple stayed the course and how their perseverance has shown through in this Team National’s Lessons & Lifestyle of an Eagle video.

As Bobby says, “Success is not in a day, it’s daily.” He goes on to say that, “Many people want to go to the promise land, but they are not willing to go through the wilderness.” Bobby mentions that if you want what these Platinums and Double Platinums have, you have to be willing to go home and do the work.  As he says, “No one is going to call you, to get in.”

Courtney’s background was in education. She was a special education and deaf and hard of hearing teacher for 10 years. “I love what I did and thought I’d be doing that for the rest of my life.  But now I can’t imagine working, since I’m able to spend all of my time with Janna Grace. I have my own schedule now due to Team National,” says Courtney.

Growing up in the country,  Bobby says it gave him an edge by learning good work ethics and working hard, yet enjoying what you do. Bobby worked for several other successful companies and learned a lot of basic business principles like time management, people skills and customer service. “When you rely on the public to feed you, then you learn how to relate to them. I always knew I wanted to work for myself, control my own destiny and push my own button.”

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Lessons & Lifestyle of an Eagle

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