In this Living Team National Go for Growth segment, Team National President & CEO Angela Loehr Chrysler talks about the book, The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz, Ph.D.

Angela shares, “I know this book has impacted thousands and thousands of Team National lives along with other people all across the country. This book is really great for helping you take your life and all aspects of it to a whole new level. The reason why is because it’s absolutely something you can control and something you can start implementing today, and that’s your thinking. In this book, the author gives you several different areas of how you can improve in your life such as launching yourself to success with the power of belief to discovering why your thinking is more important than intelligence and how success is measured by the size of your thinking, etc. The first chapter for example, is a critical chapter as it talks about belief which is appropriately titled, ‘Believe You Can Succeed and You Will’. This concept is something my father taught me early on.”

In the book Schwartz says, “Often, people will say that you can’t just believe that you’re going to be successful and then it happens. Well, belief does work this way: Belief in the ‘I’m positive’ mentality, the ‘I can’ attitude generates that power skill which is the energy needed to do what you need to do. A strong belief in the ‘I can’ mentality will then develop into how to do it. It’s not wishful thinking, it’s actually believing in your inner core that you can do something and then taking the action and necessary steps to do it.”

This book centers on the mindset of going to the top, including various case studies and real life examples.  Watch this video in its entirety and learn more about what makes this such a great read.

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