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When we first looked at Team National I (Jay) was busy coaching basketball and teaching. Taylor was finishing up college. I was very successful as a coach, even won a Texas State Championship in 2009, but I was struggling financially. We were about to get married and I couldn’t even pay for our honeymoon. We knew we needed change to accomplish all of our goals, dreams, and to live an extra-ordinary life!!!

So when Team National was introduced to us, we knew that it wasn’t by accident. We knew right away, that if we could make an extra $1500 dollars a month, that it would change our lives. Starting out, we shared this great opportunity about five hours a week. After 90 days, part-time, we had already surpassed my monthly teaching/coaching salary.

After 90 days, I walked away from a seven year coaching career. Taylor was able to graduate college a year later, did not have to go out into the everyday grind and get a j-o-b, and was able to retire in her early 20s! We have more time and financial freedom today than we could have ever dreamed of at this age. We will be able to watch our kids grow up, and have the financial freedom to raise a family; completely stress-free and debt free!

Now, instead of coaching kids in basketball, we coach adults in life on becoming financially free. The feeling that comes from helping our team is PRICELESS. We love this company and know that it will change thousands of lives.

We have now started a family, and have a young daughter. Thanks to Team National, we are both stay-at-home parents, and have the time freedom to enjoy being with her every day!

Our Slogan is, “All you can do is all you can do and all you can do is enough.”

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