Soaring with the Eagles at Ocean Reef recap | Team National video

In this Living Team National Soaring with the Eagles video recap, you’ll get a glimpse of what it means to be among the Team National Eagle elite, complete with first-class accommodations and white glove service. Team National’s Soaring with the Eagles at Ocean Reef promo rewarded hard-working and focused Team National Independent Marketing Directors (IMDs) with a weekend excursion in paradise with other like-minded, successful people including Team National’s Eagles.

In addition to the Team National Eagles and the promo winners, the Team National executive leadership team was on hand to join in on the fun and fellowship in this breathtaking location. While Team National provided the camaraderie and exclusive Eagle training for this this terrific group of motivated and excited IMDs, Ocean Reef provided a paradise resort setting, complete with exquisite and luxurious menus for each meal throughout this memorable weekend. The combination of the people, place and purpose created a strong bond bringing this group together.  Everything came together in perfect harmony as this Team National getaway allowed these folks to see the big picture and dream again.

The Team National Soaring with the Eagle Award qualifications:

You must be a Double Platinum. You can only win this Eagle award once. The Eagle award is based on profitability of a Double Platinum’s business center.

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