Bobby and Courtney Matheny Success From Home

We are so honored to be Eagles & Double Platinum Presidentials with Team National, the greatest company in America. Bobby’s background was in retail sales, and I taught deaf and hard of hearing students for 10 years. Today, however, we are our own bosses! We decide where we are going to be and what time. We have taken so many vacations, donated to charities and helped so many people change their lives with Team National. We love the time freedom and choices that Team National has given us. It has given us lifelong friendships that we will be forever grateful for.

Bobby joined Team National in September 2001. He reached the Platinum level in 2006. One night, he was driving one hour south to Natchitoches to do the weekly overview. A friend of mine joined Team National, and showed me how I could save money. I joined since I could see where I could save my money. Bobby and I met at one of the meetings in Natchitoches. I was told to call my upline for help. So I called him, and nine months later, we were married! Without Team National, I would never have met my husband, wonderful stepdaughter and awesome in-laws. Without Team National, we would not have close friendships with so many people.

Before Team National, I lost hope when my mother suddenly died when I was 18, I didn’t think about the future; I didn’t dream. I lived day by day. I finished college and went to work. I was doing what I was supposed to do: help children and punch in and out on the time clocks. I lived paycheck to paycheck. In October 2007, one month before Bobby and I got married, I resigned from the Natchitoches Parish School Board. It was very difficult; a lot of tears were shed. After that, people would ask me, “Do you miss your job?” I’d tell them I miss several of the students and teachers I worked with, but I do not miss that paycheck at all.

Team National has given me dreams and goals that I never had. Most importantly, it gave me hope. People without hope can’t dream, or set goals, or look toward the future.

Commitment and consistency are what it takes to reach your goals. We made small, temporary sacrifices in order to reach our goals. We were and are still, committed to helping others change their lives by building their businesses. We have enjoyed our journey together. We have met the most wonderful people, had so much fun, drove many miles, and had late nights. It has been so rewarding. Achieving the level of Eagle and Double Platinum is awesome, but helping and enriching other people’s lives is incredible! We wish each and every one of you a life of hope, a life full of dreams, and lots of success and wealth!

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