Don and Dixie Garrison Success From Home

We are Don and Dixie Garrison from a small town in the Ozarks, Lampe, MO. In June of 1997 we were busy with our Real Estate & Insurance Company and our Land Development company, a business we started over 30 years before. Therefore, we were not looking for something else to do, but when a friend, Tom Wilhoit, asked me (Don) to help him drive to a meeting 2 1/2 hours from my home, I couldn’t refuse a friend and as a result of that meeting, our lives have been forever changed. Coming from an Insurance background, I had been looking for residual income and I found that in Team National. After six months working the business part time, I was able to replace my Real Estate income and leave that business to work out of my house sharing this business on a referral basis. I found I could work this business as I went about my everyday life, since everyone likes to save money and make money, they all became prospects. I was very happy to see others that I exposed this business to become successful with their own Team National business. We also have family members in the business with us, including our daughters and two of our grandchildren.

I have often said this business is so good you can show it to your mother and I did. She is very happy with the savings and extra income! My wife, Dixie, likes to say that Christmas is a whole lot better in this business; instead of receiving a tract of development property with a hefty mortgage, she received a Corvette convertible. One Christmas, we took a trip out west to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam with our children and grandchildren for 10 days in an Eagle Coach. We had an unforgettable time and the grandkids can’t wait to plan our next great adventure. I can build my business as we travel or even while on a hunting or fishing trip with just a phone. No employees, no investment in buildings, equipment or inventory. All you need is a phone and a willingness to make some changes, set some goals and go to work to achieve them.

Time freedom, financial freedom, making a “life” not just a “living”.

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