Randy and Debbie Weekley Success From Home

The Weekley name has been noted as pioneers and innovators in the Florida Turf industry since 1932. In 1984, Randy & Debbie Weekley became 3rd generation sod farmers by starting their own business, grossing over a million dollars their first year and continuing to double ever year or two. This kind of success was only accomplished by much investing in farms, equipment, inventory, and huge payrolls. Fast growth, in conventional business, is not always good for growing pains can lead to serious commitments.

The conventional business model of success led Randy to the belief that “you think you own a business but after closer look, the business really owns you.” Your time is being controlled by your business. As Randy says “All I really ever wanted was the lifestyle of my wife Debbie, and my daughters Amy, and Brittany. They had money with plenty of time, while Daddy had money and no time to enjoy it.

Randy and Debbie came to the conclusion that something had to change if they were going to enjoy the children, hopefully one day grandchildren, and reestablish, after 32 years of marriage, their friendship and relationship by getting back their time they had been missing together.

After 18 short months with Team National, Randy and Debbie put their 17 year business up for sale, and have never looked back. We are earning four times what we have ever earned in our best years in business and now have the time to enjoy travel, vacations, toys, their home on 60 acres, and best of all family time they spend together. Randy says, “Without the stress of our sod and landscaping business, it seems like we are on a long vacation.”

The differences are no employees, inventory, liability, risk, and overhead of conventional business and the freedom to network and move benefit packages through a referral program without all the headaches and stress, simply no comparison.

The friendships and relationships with all those in Team National are irreplaceable. Their greatest joy is seeing Team National be a blessing to others like it’s been for them.

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