Ron and Sheila Steffes Success From Home

We are so excited about becoming Eagle and Double Platinum Presidentials. Helping others has always been our mission. We never knew that when we looked at Team National it would help us accomplish that goal. All of our Teams are growing along with us and that is the way it is supposed to be. It just didn’t start that way though.

When our family looked at Team National about 7 years ago we looked nothing like we do today. We were busy like all families and not looking for another business. Ronnie was very active in his 26 year real-estate broker/agent business, Sheila in her 15 years as a travel consultant, Molly in working and going to school, and Jennifer as a nurse.

One thing we were always looking for was savings and we found that with Team National. We have accessed many of the benefits including the jewelry, internet service, cars, communications, overnight letters, home furnishings and Lens Crafters.

After realizing the savings Team National had to offer, we started sharing the savings with friends and neighbors, and have created a great weekly income. Because of this income we were able to give Jennifer the wedding of her dreams and pay cash for it. Jennifer and Joe, as well as, Molly are all Presidential Directors with Team National.

On November 29, 2000, Ron and the family picked Sheila up at her travel agency, where she worked, in a limo, with roses and champagne. Sheila retired from her 15-year career because of Team National. This was a dream come true!

We reached the level of Platinum Presidential in September of 2001. We feel blessed and proud to be Circle Members with Team National and take our roll as leaders very seriously.

Because of Team National we moved into our dream home in December of 2001, but more importantly, we moved Sheila’s parents from their apartment into the home we moved out of. Her parents are elderly and her Mom is blind. This move gave them a home with lots of space and light. This had been our dream since we got into Team National. As the years have passed they have had to move on to a nursing home. Team National has also given us the ability to be owners of a Keller Williams Real Estate Company.

One of the greatest things Team National has done for us is given us a vehicle to use to help others change their lives. We have seen many lives being changed and families having more time. We have found Team National to be an exciting and fulfilling business that has enabled us to help others, as well as ourselves, save and make money, and have fun doing it. As Eagles and new Double Platinums we are dedicated to helping our teams and others move forward with their businesses. We want all of their DREAMS to come true.

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