Greg and Annie Nickell Success From Home

Greg and I were introduced to Team National in 2003. We were extremely busy at that time. Greg was spending about 70 hours a week in the farming industry and I am a full-time teacher. We had two little girls at the time, also. Needless to say, we were not looking for something else to do with our time.

When we finally took a close look at the company, we saw that the group buying power was going to save us money, that the companies involved with Team National are very reputable, and that we were doing business with some of them already. Our benefits package has kept a lot of money in our pocket. We have saved on communications, a program vehicle purchase, jewelry, eye glasses, and many other everyday items.

Although we are thrilled to keep the money in our pocket, the income we have made with this company is what has been life-changing for us. We surpassed my monthly income our very first month in this business, and then every month for our first year. We were able to make some life-changing decisions and Greg was able to walk away from his job. He now has the time freedom to enjoy the family and things that he likes to do.

We still work the business part-time, and are very excited about the lifestyle that we can enjoy because of Team National.

This information is not intended to represent typical, actual or average savings or earnings. Actual earnings results by an Independent Marketing Director (IMD) will depend on the time and effort devoted to building the business. We do not guarantee success or earnings. Click here for the Income Earnings Disclosure for details.

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