Jess and Dana Frazier Success From Home

We were busy trying to make a living when Team National was introduced to us. Being in Agriculture, we were always looking for ways to cut expenses, but when we saw Team National not only did we see a way to cut expenses, but Dana saw a way to create residual income and retire from Nursing.

The savings has been huge for the entire family, including our four kids and five grandkids. Over the years, the savings have amounted to thousands of dollars on replacing vehicles, furniture and appliances to savings on expenses like cell phone bills and even local businesses like the veterinarian, a tire store, restaurants and more.

The best part, however, has been the income. Dana was able to quit nursing just 18 months after joining Team National due to the income option. She enjoys helping people and loved nursing, but realized that she was missing out on her grandkids growing up and she was tired of working so many hours and not getting ahead financially. She also knew that they had no residual income, something Team National could provide and with consistent effort over time, it has. Now she is still able to help others, but in a different way by showing them how they too can improve their finances and gain time freedom. There is no way to put a price tag on giving people hope for a better life and helping them achieve their goals.

We thank God every day for the blessing of Team National and the benefits it has provided to us and so many others.

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