Celebrating 20 Years | Team National

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  • Very special company! Very proud to be part of this fantastic company and movement to achieve our dreams!

  • Sharon Gass 4 years ago

    Angela, you, your mother and husband are such a gift to all your members! Thank you for all you do for us. You inspire us every day. Enjoyed the Dallas Convention (my 1st) so much and am so inspired by you. I feel you personify integrity. I feel blessed to be a part of this terrific company.


  • I Soooo Enjoyed the “Celebrating 20 YEARS” Video!! THANK YOU Angela, Phil, MaryLou, Syd & Sienna!! Thank YOU ALL STAFF!! Thank YOU Dick for your VISION & HEART! I LOVE TN! I AM ALL IN!! You made me cry Tears of happiness for where we are all going & Tears of Pride for what we are involved With & Tears of Sadness cuz I wish I could have met Dick & gotten a Hug from him! May God Continue To Have HIS Hands ALL OVER THIS COMPANY & The Peeps Who LOVE This Company!! WooHoo!! AMEN! AMEN!!

  • Hello Angela,
    The Dallas Convention was awesome! Thank you, the Loehr/Chrysler families, and the awesome Team National staff. You are truly a great leader, and I look forward to receiving my call from you, welcome me as 1 of 1000! GO(ing) PLATINUM!!!

  • Van and Robin 4 years ago

    Proud to,be a part of this wonderful, team building, and sincere company! We are growing get on board!
    Win, Win, Win!